Goose Spit Accessible Area

As of April 24, 2018 the interlocking accessible walkway leading from the one paved, handicapped parking stall has been installed. Time to get on the beach with friends and family to enjoy a firepit weenie roast with that incredible view.

Nymph Falls Park

The CVRD is conducting a public meeting regarding possible construction of wheelchair accessible trails at Nymph Falls Park. All interested persons have their opportunity to have their say.

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Accessible Beach Mats

Accessible beach mats, originally designed by the US Army for beach landings, have been applied for a totally new purpose. Through some creative thinking wheelchair users can now make their way out onto the beach and enjoy the experience of being on water’s edge. With the use of the all terrain beach chairs, people with physical disabilities can now have the water within their reach.

These roll out mats are making beaches available to those in wheelchairs and the beach chairs allow for even greater access to the water. Federal Parks country wide should provide these mats where the terrain allows it and Provincial Parks should follow suit. A barrier free world should be a priority not an afterthought.

Only through making our Federal, Provincial and Regional/Municipal Parks Departments aware of the need for these accessible beach mats and beach chairs will it happen. Contact your Member of Parliment, MLA or local park administration to encourage them to act. Your local or provincial Spinal Cord Injury Society is also an excellent resource to start with.

beach wheelchair in water

beach wheelchair in water

beach wheelchaIr

beach wheelchair